Additional Info and Discounts

1) What are Labor Only Moving Services? Labor only service means you provide the truck, we provide the equipment and do the labor. We load your rental truck, portable moving/storage containers, van, box truck or even pickup truck if you wish to use that route. We are not responsible for any of the costs associated with rental units or travel expenses. We provide all necessary strapping and tie-downs for all moves we both load and unload. 2 dozen heavy duty professional grade moving blankets are included, again only for moves we both load and unload, additional blankets can be rented (highly recommended) for $10/dozen. Dis-assembly and reassembly of your items included when necessary, and always offered. This service can also be used to just load/unload your truck for a self driven cross country/state move or in house moves as well.

2) Discounts: Senior citizens, veterans, students, dis-abled, single parents, and parents with 1 or more child under 3 years of age all qualify for substantial discounts for all services. Zone 1 discounts include a 2 hour minimum instead of 3 hours and a 9-13% sliding scale discount on hourly depending on need. While Zone 2 maintains the 3 hour minimum (as we must also take into account our travel) but we do offer the 9-13% sliding scale discount on hourly depending on need. We do also consider partial barter payments, though we reserve the right to refuse any offer.

3) Packing Services: We can pack your whole home or apartment for you. $20/man/hour plus a $30 travel fee, minimum of 3 hours. Inquire about reusable packing materials.


We are the only movers you will find who will move a freezer packed full of meat, but we will have an additional charge for it. Obtusely heavy or oversized items and hazardous move conditions are all subject to an extra surcharge, if you think it is heavy, it does not mean we will, only the hardest moments qualify. Heavy Item Fees will be quoted in your estimate, and in many cases we like to see such items. The presence of almost every item listed here is a requirement of at least a 3 (or more) man crew, reflected in the cost of the fee. A portion of all surcharges goes to all laborers on the job, and/or may covers the cost of any additional equipment or blanket washing when necessary (another way we are green minded). Heavy Item Fee surcharges range from $20-$50: hoists, king size mattresses, antiques, artwork, mid-sized to large slabs of granite/marble, front-loading washers and shop equipment, $75-$150 pianos of any variety, we move them all, safes, packed freezers, hazardous conditions (severe mold/mild fire damage/excessive dander) or replicas of the presidential desk.

Beyond this you will find no unknown miscellaneous fees or any up-charging on our contracts.

5) The Fine Print

Insurance and Endorsements Fully Insured, General Liability $2,000,000 blanket insurance coverage with no deductible, $100,000 per truck cargo insurance. $.59/lb coverage available free of charge, for all services except our Community Service Accommodations in addition any particle/press board pieces will not be covered. A $50(local) or $100(long-distance) per 500 cubic foot charge applies to receive full valuation of damaged items. Additional insurance can be procured through  USDOT 2362266 MC 809765

Payments  We accept cash, check or credit upon completion of service. All major credit cards accepted, a 5% Processing fee will be included in all credit transactions. Deposits are due upon booking and can be paid by check or credit. Deposits of $75, for local moves and 30-40% are required for all long-distance moves. Cancellations Deposits are forfeit for all cancellation of local moves within a 72 hour time period, deposits for long-distance moves will be charged a 10% total move fee if cancelled within two weeks of move date.


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